Value By Design focuses on timely project completion. It is the Metro Group experience of building a project more efficiently through communication, collaboration and planning. The result is a successful project that focuses on zero errors, zero items on the punchlist, and a net zero impact to the schedule and budget. Value By Design encourages communication between the project team, owners, designers and subcontractors to ensure overall client satisfaction. 

Enhancing Savings with Value By Design

Value By Design is Metro’s upfront preconstruction planning process that is proven to reduce cost, save time and assure a smoother construction process.

Value By Design:


·        Focuses on team collaboration and technology to eliminate redundancies

·        Ensures a coordinated project from planning through design and                             construction

·        Provides dedicated staff with expertise in all disciplines of estimating                     focused solely on preconstruction

                                                       WE MAKE SENSE OF ALL THE PIECES 


The key to Value By Design is the partnering meeting. This collaborative session brings the entire team together in an atmosphere of cooperation to share and discuss what a successful project means to them and to create goals that result in a rewarding project.

Metro Group  is passionate about performance, even long after we’ve left the jobsite.

ZERO Delays proactively addresses scheduling. Whether it’s inclement weather or long-lead item orders, Metro’s professionals provide creative solutions that keep your building on course.

ZERO Punchlist targets total project completion. By preparing preliminary punchlists and addressing concerns along the way, your project culminates in a building that is move-in ready sooner.

ZERO Waste  reflects Metro’s drive to be a leader in waste reduction and the responsible management of resources. By promoting sustainable practices, we are able to better serve our clients with value-adding (LEAN) and waste-reducing (green) strategies.