Cost Management

Metro Group of L.I. provides Cost Management services from the project budgeting phase through completion of construction documents. In addition to preparing cost estimates at each major design phase, Metro performs cost studies throughout the design process to assist the Architect in understanding the financial impact of his/her design decisions.

Cost Estimating

Metro Group of L.I provides cost estimates for Owners, Architects and Engineers. Metro provides estimating services for nearly all building types ranging from single family homes to industrial buildings. Other projects have included Schools, Office buildings, Warehouse, Medical, and Churches. 

Cost Reduction Analysis

At each major design phase, Metro Group of L.I. prepares a list of cost reduction suggestions if the project is over budget. Because our estimating staff has design experience, we are uniquely qualified to make cost reduction suggestions which are sensitive to the Architect’s design intent.

Budget Verification

Metro Group of L.I. provides budget verification services for all project types. In addition to providing overall square foot budgets, Metro Group prepares Cost Models that allocate budget costs into various building components. This Cost Model can then be used as a design tool.