Our Earth. Our Responsibility.

As  builders, we realize we have a significant effect on our environment and natural resources. At Metro Group, we are committed to finding ways to impact our environment in a positive way. Many of these solutions, like selecting local building materials or collecting rainwater, don’t require a costly investment.

We are continuously searching for and implementing innovative techniques that utilize less non-renewable energy, reduce pollution and wastes, and cost fewer energy dollars. Through Life Cycle and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, we can look at the building envelope and mechanical/ electrical systems to help you better define your operational and energy performance goals so you can make informed cost decisions and determine your best return on investment.

                                                                    Leed Construction

Sustainable principles we’ve employed include:

  • Protecting existing plants and vegetation during construction
  • Creating zones of activity, placing the most intrusive land uses as far away as possible from the most environmentally sensitive areas
  • Salvaging and reusing topsoil and excavated rock on site
  • Utilizing building materials native to the region
  • Minimizing transportation of building materials
  • Utilizing durable products with long life spans such as concrete, masonry, stone, steel and wood, to reduce the amount of future waste
  • Stockpiling refuse and designating construction vehicle parking only in areas that will ultimately be built on
  • Assisting with or performing total building commissioning
  • Separating construction debris for recycling, minimizing the impact on our landfills
  • Collecting rainwater and condensate, as well as utilizing greywater, for irrigation purposes

                                                                                    Build Green